Application Recognition and Control Solution (ARCS)

The modern enterprise faces a unique challenge: understanding and managing an increasingly complex network effectively.

Niometrics ARCS is a dedicated, best-of-breed network visibility solution, that enables organizations to monitor and control application traffic with an unprecedented level of detail.

Network Intelligence for today’s application-centric networks

The Niometrics Application Recognition and Control Solution (ARCS) is a best-of-breed network visibility and control solution, that provides in-depth network analysis and intelligence, network traffic visualization and application control.

With class-leading application-detection capability rates, Niometrics ARCS is able to provide near-complete traffic identification. It provides broad network trends as well as detailed information about individual applications and user activity. Administrator can scrutinize their networks via real-time dashboard that offers instant drill-down investigation, and enforce rules using a powerful and intuitive interface.

Niometrics ARCS core engine and user interface is dynamically upgradeable, signatures for new or modified application are kept up to date by an application discovery service.